Explosive Material

Explosive Material 

Two Channel Video Installation


Explosive Material comprises training, educational, promotional and documentary films produced by the Tasmanian government from 1970 to 1980. Channel one collates the archive films in a montage while channel two is a re-staging of an educational film on self defence. This project attempts to confuse and contradict the motivations of young people as they are guided and coerced by bolder, sophisticated and more individualised media language. 

Exhibited at Visual Bulk ARI, Hobart, Tasmania in May 2016


Channel One

Conflict (1985): examines safety in the workplace, contains Vietnam War footage. Made for the Tasmanian Department of Labour and Industry.

Breakdown (1971): graphically depicts the cause and effect of nervous tension. Shot on location at Royal Derwent Hospital, New Norfolk with hospital staff acting the roles. Made for Department of Health Services to show current methods of treatment.

Bomb Threat (1984): film about a bomb threat against a newspaper, and response from management, staff and police. Includes East-West jet at airport. Set in Mercury offices and printing plant. Made for the Tasmania Police Department.

Letting Go (1981): a drama exploring communication difficulties between generations in a typical Australian family. Conflict reaches crisis point when 17 year old daughter decides live with her boyfriend. Sponsored by Family Planning Association of Tasmania.

Easy Self Defence (1983): Bronilyn Smith, author of the book “Defend Yourself”, demonstrates self defence techniques which can easily be employed by any age or sex. Made for the Department of Health Services.

This Is Drinking Water (1972): Hydro Electric Commission TV commercial about Tasmanian water quality. 

(Archive footage courtesy of the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.)


Channel Two

Audio Easy Self Defence (1983)

Audio Take Me On by A-ha (1985)

Audio gym motivation videos from Youtube

 Installation shot  Channel One  Archive Montage  Loop Projection on wall   Channel Two  Self Defence  Loop on iPhone with ear phones

Installation shot

Channel One Archive Montage Loop Projection on wall 

Channel Two Self Defence Loop on iPhone with ear phones